Dress up and go for a run!


        We are dreamers and adventurers. 

Running, hiking, and rogaining - we love activities that help us feel close to nature and stay fit. Our professional experience in the fashion industry combined with years of running made us ask the question, what is the perfect outfit for this lifestyle. We understood that we need to offer comfort and functionality with a touch of feminine beauty and nature inspired design elements. Environmentally friendly practices are at the core of our brand. We manufacture with high-performance materials, and use recycled fabrics in each piece. Functional and beautiful design is also important to us. Each garment we create is not only tested in front of a mirror, but also undergoes scrutiny during our many adventures. We run, hike, and bike to make sure that they feel right during all types of workouts, and in different surroundings. Each garments’ style is selected so that it accentuates our best features and hides areas we don’t want to expose. We want it all for you; comfort and beauty, fierceness and femininity.