Dress up and go for a run!

The new Fox-Pace activewear collection has just arrived!

An active lifestyle is at the core of our brand, therefore functionality and design are equally important for us.

We all have our own reasons for running. Some people run to have fun, some others set high athletic goals. Some, on the other hand, just want to control their body weight or relieve stress. But as far as it goes, running is never just kilometers. It is spending quality time with yourself, gaining new experiences and overcoming weaknesses. The feeling of harmony between the way we feel and look during the workout is very important for us at Fox-Pace. It inspires us to continue our searches for the perfect fit and design. Because working out should never be boring!

Our new prints are inspired by floral elements of the Ginkgo tree, known as a symbol of hope, love, longevity, and continuity. The colour palette includes green and blue ocean shades as well as classic black and beige.

We use high-performance fast-drying sportswear materials. To be proactive about sustainability, we make sure at least fifty percent of each design is made from fabrics that include recycled PET bottles

Are You ready to run?


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